Chianti Classico wine DOCG 2015 750ml.

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Technical datasheet:
Alcohol content: 14 % Vol.
Grape varieties:  Made from Sangiovese grapes (80%), with the addition of Canaiolo (10%) and Merlot (10%)
Production technique: The grapes destined to Chianti Classico are harvested exclusively by hand, with meticulous selection of the healthiest, ripest grapes. Vinification takes place in observance of tradition, with prolonged, temperature-controlled maceration of the skins.   After fermentation has been completed, the wine obtained is left to age in small oak barrels for about ten months, with a further ageing period of five months in the bottle.
Organoleptic characteristics:
-COLOUR: ruby red, deep and elegant, acquiring garnet hues with age;
-BOUQUET: smooth and pervasive aroma, intensely vinous with notes of iris accompanied by a slight note of wood.
-FLAVOUR: deep, harmonious flavour, fruity, with hints of delicate tannins.
Accompaniments: It is particularly well suited to serving with roast or stewed game, red meat and mature cheeses.
Indications:  Serve at a temperature of at least 18°C, an hour after opening the bottle, if possible.